GCT’s catalog of connectors now on SnapEDA!

August 8, 2017The SnapEDA Team

Today we’re launching Global Connector Technology’s (GCT) catalog of connectors on SnapEDA! GCT is a leading supplier of standard and custom interconnect products. With this new collaboration, designers will be able to drag-and-drop connector libraries into their designs across an extensive 9 product ranges, including USB, SIM card, FFC, modular jack, lighting, DC power jack, and smart card connectors.

Connectors are one of the most time-consuming categories of components for designers to create footprints for because of their non-standard shapes, non-circular pads, and lack of patterns in pins and cutouts. They generally take hours to build, causing frustration for designers who just want to design them in as quickly as they can so they can complete their product design.

With this new collaboration, symbols & footprints for GCT’s connectors can be downloaded for all major PCB software formats, including Altium, OrCad, Allegro, Eagle, PADS, DXDesigner and KiCad. The models are auto-verified using SnapEDA proprietary, automated, verification technology which shows up below every CAD model.

You can browse the library of GCT connectors on SnapEDA here.



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