SnapEDA CEO Natasha Baker on The Disruptors Collective

SnapEDA CEO Natasha Baker on The Disruptors Collective

November 16, 2020The SnapEDA Team

Our CEO Natasha Baker was recently invited to talk about her journey as a tech entrepreneur on the podcast, The Disruptors Collective by Barry Winata.

Natasha joins industry leaders in technology, engineering and science whose insights in their respective fields and thoughts about the future are featured on Barry’s podcast.

“People use technology everyday and for the most part, they seem to be very far removed from how their devices such as smartphone, car, computer and smart TV operate,” Barry said. “I discovered that there is currently an underserved market for strong informative content around these topics.”

Barry is an engineer, designer and educator. He started off his education and career in Sydney, Australia. After studying EECS at the University of Technology Sydney, he went on to work in industries ranging from biomedical, power & energy, to defense, smart cities & many more. 

After working in Australia for several years, he felt the calling of innovation happening in Silicon Valley. He decided to quit his job and pack his bags for Stateside. San Francisco was his port of call and the rest as they say is history. 

The purpose of the tech podcast, which just released its first three episodes today, is to share and spread knowledge on areas of technology, engineering and science with CEOs, founders, scientists, and engineers. Areas of interest include topics from EDA, cryptocurrency, renewable energy to machine learning, self-driving cars, fintech, wearables, VR/AR and many more. 

Natasha was selected to be a part of the podcast’s roster of industry disruptors because of her strong background in the tech space and how she broke into the sector, inspiring more women to become leaders in STEM.

Watch Natasha’s interview below:

Listeners can catch the weekly episodes of The Disruptors Collective by Barry Winata starting today on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

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