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SnapEDA updates KiCad footprint support!

January 7, 2020SnapEDA Team

After countless requests from the KiCad community, we are pleased to announce that SnapEDA is now supporting the latest KiCad footprint format! 

This is great news for KiCad users because this new format, introduced in KiCad Version 4,  brought many improvements that our community can benefit from starting today!

These improvements include native-software support of slotted holes (oval holes) and support for new layers, including the F.CrtYd and B.CrtYd layers to define a courtyard area, and F.Fab and B.Fab documentation layers. These layers were previously not supported in the old KiCad format.

Figure 1: Native Support of Slotted Holes on KiCad

In addition to improving the design experience, importing is now more seamless. Designers will no longer need to open and save the old file format to convert footprints to the new file format because now they can directly download the new .kicad_mod format.

Figure 2: Direct Download Available for the New “.kicad_mod” Footprint

The import process is basically the same. To add a library, go to the footprint editor, click on ‘Preferences’ and ‘Manage footprint libraries’ or if you just want to add a single library use ‘File’ and click on ‘Add Library’. You can see detailed instructions and a video here.

Figure 3: Downloading the New KiCad Footprint on SnapEDA

We will still continue to support the old format (.mod), and, of course, KiCad continues to support it as well.

At SnapEDA, we aim to remove the barriers faced by engineers when designing so that they can focus fully on innovating and creating awesome products. As the largest electronics library, we provide millions of digital building blocks for electronic circuit board design via our website & PCB design plugins.

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