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Search and place SnapEDA libraries within ExpressPCB

February 17, 2021The SnapEDA Team

Today, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with ExpressPCB, a free, easy-to-use PCB design software. This new collaboration makes SnapEDA’s parts libraries searchable and placeable directly within ExpressPCB.

ExpressPCB’s vision is to “make PCB design readily available to every person on the planet”, which is a vision that certainly resonates with us here at SnapEDA. The new integration aims to further simplify the PCB design workflow by eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of creating CAD models. 

Keep reading to learn how to access SnapEDA within ExpressPCB!

How to import parts from SnapEDA in ExpressSCH Plus and Express PCB Plus

1. Go to FileImport part from SnapEDA

2. Search for the part using by part number, or a keyword, such as ‘usb type c connector’

3. From the search results, select the part you want. Click to Download, View on SnapEDA, and See Datasheet.

4. Before downloading, you can choose if you want to place the model directly into your PCB layout.

5. Part Library – ExpressPCB Plus menu will appear, double-click on the PCB footprint.

6. Click on the PCB layout to drop the model and that’s it!

We hope this helps speed up your designs in ExpressPCB. Happy designing!

The SnapEDA Team Administrator

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  • 3604


    March 13, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    For ExpressPCB (and NOT ExpressSch) – what is the purpose of placing a part in the PCB and NOT the schematic. Kind of like planning a graduation for a child that was never born?

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