• The top 10 microphones for electronics designs

    October 12, 2017 The SnapEDA Team

    Although the most well-known use of microphones is for music and audio recordings, they’re also used in many electronics applications such as smartphones and tablets, IoT devices (such as the Amazon Alexa), teleconferencing systems, video cameras, bluetooth headsets, and security and surveillance devices. As transducers, microphones convert sound waves into electrical signals. Since sound is a…

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  • Engineer Spotlight: Rehman Merali from teaBOT

    October 4, 2017 The SnapEDA Team

    Name: Rehman Merali Company: teaBOT Role: CEO Location: Toronto, Canada Hi Rehman, you’re a EE who started a company. Tell us about TeaBot, and why you created it?  Rehman: Technically my degree was in Mechatronics engineering, not pure EE. So that means I know enough to put ICs together, but not necessarily develop complicated RF circuit, for example. My co-founder,…

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  • Our top picks for electronics designers at PCBWest 2017

    September 29, 2017 The SnapEDA Team

    On September 13th, the SnapEDA team made the trek down from San Francisco to sunny Santa Clara (in Silicon Valley) for the annual PCB West exhibition. The show was packed with great energy – meaning lots of exciting things are on the horizon for the electronics industry! Here are some of our favorite products from…

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  • Use computer vision to automate parts!

    September 28, 2017 natasha

    Today, we’re launching InstaBuild, the world’s first free automated part builder! InstaBuild uses powerful computer vision technology to enable PCB designers to make parts in mere minutes.  Using a datasheet as the input, it automatically extracts symbol pinouts, understands whether a pin is an input, output or power pin, and auto-arranges the symbol based on…

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  • Symbols & Footprints for Vishay Parts Now on Digi-Key!

    September 19, 2017 natasha

    Today we have great news to share for any PCB designers out there who are tired of making symbols & footprints for their designs. You can now find SnapEDA’s multi-CAD-compatible symbols & footprints on Digi-Key!

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  • You can now search for symbols & footprints within PCB123!

    September 13, 2017 natasha

    As of today, electronics designers who use PCB123 will be able to search for symbols and footprints without ever having to leave their design environment. We’ve collaborated with PCB123 to bring the power of SnapEDA search right inside this free, full-function PCB design software. Designers have traditionally wasted days creating digital models, such as symbols &…

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  • The Top 10 DC/DC Converters

    August 16, 2017 The SnapEDA Team

    DC/DC converters are devices that convert a DC source from one voltage level to another. They’re a common element of everything from satellites, hybrid energy systems, portable electronic devices, and many more applications because they provide stable operation, high efficiency, greater reliability and also, different voltage and current levels for the same PCB design. There are many…

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  • Engineer Spotlight: Yi Yao from Synaptive Medical

    August 15, 2017 natasha

    Background: I had the pleasure of working with Yi Yao in the Multisim R&D team at National Instruments. Yi was always the go-to person in the office for complex PCB design questions. After that, he went on to co-found a Y Combinator startup called Per Vices, focused on software-defined radio. Currently, Yi is at Synaptive Medical, a…

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  • GCT’s catalog of connectors now on SnapEDA!

    August 8, 2017 The SnapEDA Team

    Today we’re launching Global Connector Technology’s (GCT) catalog of connectors on SnapEDA! GCT is a leading supplier of standard and custom interconnect products. With this new collaboration, designers will be able to drag-and-drop connector libraries into their designs across an extensive 9 product ranges, including USB, SIM card, FFC, modular jack, lighting, DC power jack, and…

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  • Engineer Spotlight: Nazmus Sahadat from Georgia Institute of Technology

    August 1, 2017 natasha

    Name: Nazmus Sahadat Company: Georgia Institute of Technology Role: Graduate Research Assistant Location: Atlanta, GA Hi Nazmus. Which tools do you use for circuit board design? Why? Nazmus: I use Allegro for work, and KiCAD for my fun projects. Allegro is a much better tool with lots of optimization options. They have almost everything I need, but it is expensive for an…

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