It’s Finally Here: Support for OrCAD and Allegro on SnapEDA!

June 10, 2015natasha

Today, we’re pleased to announce that one of SnapEDA’s most requested export formats is finally live. We have released support for Cadence Allegro and OrCAD on SnapEDA!

SnapEDA is an ecosystem for PCB design, providing CAD data — such as PCB footprints and schematic symbols– for millions of electronics components. This allows engineers to get straight to design and innovation by building on top of pre-existing IP. To make sure our CAD data has integrity, we vet our library using algorithms that we’re continually improving, and allow our community of thousands of engineers around the world to vouch for the quality of CAD parts though a rating system.

Support for Cadence products has been one of the most requested formats from our enterprise users. To learn how to use this new feature, you can watch the YouTube video below that will guide you through the process.

What’s Supported

  • OrCAD symbols
  • Rectangular footprints
  • Round, rectangle & octogonal pad shapes

Not Yet Supported

  • Custom and oblong pad shapes
  • Thermal reliefs
  • Paste layers on pad stacks
  • Circles and arcs on footprint layers, such as on the silkscreen or documentation layer

As always, we’d love to get your feedback on what to support next. Please email us with your suggestions.

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